What is (OS[X])tlearn?

tlearn is a backpropagation neural network simulator, written by Jeff Elman. xtlearn is a version of tlearn for the X Window System. OSXtlearn is xtlearn wrapped in a MacOSX application bundle that runs on MacOSX 10.5 or higher and that requires XQuartz. OSXtlearn is created by Harm Brouwer.

Disclaimer: OSXtlearn is ported "as is". This means that any bugs present in the original (x)tlearn source code might also be present in OSXtlearn.

Known issues: The OSXtlearn application icon keeps bouncing in the dock for a long time. Also, clicking the red close button on any window will terminate OSXtlearn. These issues are both caused by running X applications on MacOSX. I do not intend to fix these issues, and refer you to LensOSX instead.

[ screenshot 1 | screenshot 2 | screenshot 3 ]

Download OSXtlearn

Download OSXtlearn OSXtlearn for MacOSX 10.5 or higher

Download source OSXtlearn source code

Running OSXtlearn

You can start OSXtlearn from the applications folder, or through spotlight. OSXtlearn will then start with a graphical interface.

Alternatively, you can start OSXtlearn from a terminal in interactive mode:

$ /Applications/OSXtlearn.app/Contents/MacOS/OSXtlearn -I


OSXtlearn comes with an example Exclusive OR (XOR) network. This network is located in the following path:
And is also available as a ZIP archive.

I found a Bug, what now?

I do not intend to fix any remaining bugs in OSXtlearn. However, you can fork the OSXtlearn source repository at github, fix the bug, and send me a pull request.


E-mail me-at-hbrouwer.eu.
(c) Copyright 2015 Harm Brouwer. All rights reserved.
Letter T artwork by Supratim Nayak.