What is Lens(OSX)?

Lens is the light, efficient network simulator, written by Doug Rohde. LensOSX is a native MacOSX port of Lens that runs on MacOSX 10.5 or higher, created by Harm Brouwer, Daniel de Kok and Hartmut Fitz.

Disclaimer: LensOSX is ported "as is". This means that any bugs present in the original Lens source code might also be present in LensOSX.

Update (16/01/2012): Fixed issue with third mouse button in the unit viewer. To show weights, units can be selected with the left/right mouse buttons. To get a context menu for a unit, use cmd + right mouse button. Make sure the secondary mouse click option is enabled in the system preferences.

Update (01/02/2012): Resolved issue with the unit/link display (left-clicking on a unit after a palette change no longer leads to a segmentation fault), and enabled the Delta-Bar-Delta algorithm.

[ screenshot 1 | screenshot 2 | screenshot 3 ]

Download LensOSX

Download LensOSX LensOSX for MacOSX 10.5 or higher

Download source LensOSX source code

Running LensOSX

You can start LensOSX from the applications folder, or through spotlight. LensOSX will run with a graphical interface and its own console.

Or, you can start LensOSX from a terminal. It will still run with a graphical interface, but now print its console output to the terminal:

$ /Applications/LensOSX.app/Contents/MacOS/LensOSX

Finally, you can also run LensOSX in batch mode:

$ /Applications/LensOSX.app/Contents/MacOS/LensOSX -b


The original version of Lens comes with a number of example networks. These networks are also available in LensOSX, and are located in the following path:
Examples are also available as a ZIP archive.

I found a Bug, what now?

Send us an e-mail with the exact details of how to reproduce the malfunction (and a screenshot demonstrating it). Or, you can fork the LensOSX source repository at github, fix the bug, and send us a pull request.


E-mail me-at-hbrouwer.eu, me-at-danieldk.eu or hartmut.fitz-at-gmail.com.
(c) Copyright 2012 Harm Brouwer, Daniel de Kok and Hartmut Fitz. All rights reserved.
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